Mobile phone maintenance methods – cell phone body

///Mobile phone maintenance methods – cell phone body

Mobile phone maintenance methods – cell phone body

A, stay away from water

The basic composition of mobile phone is baseband and RF, said the hardware structure is actually a lot of circuit board, then maybe you can put the mobile phone as a small computer, open, inside is a piece of the main board and the spare parts, maintenance and computer almost no two, when it comes to what the computer is most afraid of? You guess.

Yes, that is water, electrical appliances in the circuit board and the movie elf elf is not the same, hit the water becomes more and more, circuit board with water only hang a. Even if not completely soaked in water, also avoid being in a humid environment, such as the use of mobile phones in the sea, rain and other places.

B, keep dry, away from dust

The circuit board is mainly composed of various kinds of metal parts and contacts, in addition to water will destroy the current conduction, dust and grease will hinder the contact and contact conduction, especially when we use the mobile phone when the panel is almost with the face and close contact, long-term use down face grease penetration into the phone, natural will cause a considerable degree of obstruction of mobile phone. For this problem, the best way is to buy a mobile phone can be encased in leather, leather through protection to isolate oil.

C, avoid high fever

For high fever problems, driving family must be especially careful, there are many driving friends, like to put the phone on the dashboard, and sometimes get off to do something, the phone forgot to take. Little wonder in the direct temperature, plus the car is completely in a closed state, the car temperature can even reach

To seven, eighty degrees, this approach is undoubtedly the phone to get baked on the fire, down for one or two hours, the board will even change because of the high temperature. Taiwan days ago had occurred because of the Taiwan mobile phone battery quality is not good, because the temperature of the battery to produce chemical changes, finally burst, a car windshield burst example.

D, avoid hitting

This is almost the basic knowledge of most things, from cameras to cars,Hard as human teeth, bones, soft as a newborn baby, once the impact, absolutely worse than good, so is the mobile phone, to avoid collision is the most basic protection of the road.

E, shutdown charging

This is a less often pay attention to the problem, because the mobile phone is equipped with diversification, there were so-called fully furnished, with Jane, the so-called simple usually contain only a battery charger and travel,But many workers simply cannot do without a mobile phone, so often have to side charging, and open mobile phone, to prepare for an emergency call, but some problems in the design for battery, charging will produce a higher temperature, potentially affect the circuit board of the mobile phone but must, or not at the same time action starting and charging.

F, emergency treatment after encountering problems

Generally speaking, there are two emergency mobile phone will happen by the impact and water, the former can try to boot, if not boot, that has a problem, and quickly repair; the latter is the first time to save your mobile phone from the disaster scene, don’t try to dry, avoid to boot, repair, maintenance. Because apart any action, will only make one disaster after another mobile phone.

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