Great mobile phone warranty

///Great mobile phone warranty

Great mobile phone warranty

warranty Description:

1, warranty valid only under normal use. All man-made damage and the following terms are not within the scope of free warranty. But the customer service center provides maintenance services and charges appropriate fees.

2, because the user or the third party’s negligence, negligence, abuse, misuse or damage caused by the disaster damage (such as: mobile phone, mobile phone Zhanzi liquid food, liquid into the external peripheral parts shattered, scratches and damage etc.).

3, the user to disassemble, without the maintenance of Shenzhen Great Technology Company Limited approved and modification (such as: change, installation, adjustment or any damage caused by incorrect change).

4, connecting inappropriate accessories, not in accordance with the instructions, due to transport and other accidents caused by cell phone damage.

5, improper or improper operation caused by the use of mobile phone failure or damage.

6, the phone appearance of various labels, some parts (such as buttons), consumable parts and long-term use caused by the natural appearance of mobile phone wear.

7, more than three bags of validity.

8, without three packs of vouchers and valid invoices, but can prove that the mobile phone commodity within the validity period of the three package except.

9, the content of the Three Guarantees certificate does not agree with the merchandise or altered.

special Description:

Fault 1, man-made damage, no longer enjoy the warranty, gelaite customer service center to provide maintenance services; but the water (liquid) or serious damage to aircraft maintenance must be entered into the maintenance agreement, otherwise, gelaite customer service center as the user does not agree to repair.

2, due to product quality problems at the same time there are man-made damage, no longer enjoy the warranty rights, but Wright customer service center to provide maintenance services, at the same time depending on the damage charged component costs and maintenance costs. Mobile phone does not meet the conditions of warranty charges, shall be in the maintenance of records or invoices or receipts indicating the reasons for non-compliance with warranty conditions, and requests the user signature recognition, or user complaints, will be responsible for repair units.

3, after the repair of the phone to the original cell phone fault warranty 30 days (water machine and serious man-made damage except).

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